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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The company acknowledges the fact that if the work is not satisfactory, i.e. in accordance with the guidelines provided by the client, then the company will issue a refund. Since the company offers free revisions, it will initially be tried to get the work done as per the customer’s liking by revising the paper. If the company fails to satisfy the client after several revisions, the company will be responsible for issuing a full refund.

Under some uncontrollable circumstances, if the company failed to assign an appropriate expert to edit your paper the company will immediately issue a full refund and apologise for any inconvenience it may cause. Even though it’s highly unlikely that such an event will occur, but if it does happen, then the client will receive a full refund.

Minor errors or delay in delivery will not give the client the right to ask for a refund. It will be up to the company to decide what to do in accordance with a particular situation.

If a credit card is wrongly charged, the company will refund the excess amount to the client. The company will take immediate steps to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

The client agrees to contact the company in case of dissatisfaction. The client can involve an intermediary only if the company doesn’t abide by the terms and conditions as well as different policies that have been clearly mentioned on the website. The company’s decision will be final. It will be made after analysing the case thoroughly.

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